Jamie G

Jamie G.

jamie at thinkgeek dot com

Like most of the creatures in this menagerie, Jamie is made of lots of different bits and pieces. Jamie is a writer of science fiction and fantasy, a blogger, a programmer, and occasionally something of an artist. He's lived in many places, but not so many that he can't remember them all. He also owns a home a block from the one he grew up in. Jamie is married to the love of his life and has two boys who are equal parts awesome and mischievous, just as boys should be.

And perhaps that's enough speaking of myself in the third person…

I've always been fascinated by technology and obsessed with storytelling. However, to be completely objective, it is my love of coffee, bacon, cake, video games, movies, the Interwebs, and other geeks that helps me fit in here.

My superpower is and will always be my ability to help anyone make great paper snowflakes.

Jamie Grove