fraize at thinkgeek dot com

I've been a fan of ThinkGeek since its inception, even designed a few products before I got hired... Plus, I've been blogging since before it was called blogging. Back in my day, we used to dial into our 300 baud modems by slamming the handset into the acoustic base, and flame each other on FIDO-net...and we used to wear onions on our belts, which was the style at the time...

In my spare time, I'm a coffee, beer, wine and scotch snob. For those keeping score, and making Christmas lists: Jamaican Blue-Mountain, Duvel, Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, and Lagavulin. Got it? Okay, moving on.

I'm also quite fond of my XBox 360, but have far too little time for any serious pwn4g3. I can only manage about 295,000 on Geometry Wars before my eyes cross and I go into seizures.

I aspire to be an environmentalist - driving my Prius, recycling, buying organic produce and meats, etc. I slip from time to time and just have to have a 7-11 Big Bite Hotdog, but, like Glen Phillips once said, "self-improvement can wait 24 hours."

My fascination with SciFi and Fantasy really started with Star Trek and The Hobbit, but of course I'm a big fan of the other properties. I've been known to dress as Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly from wearing his dog-tags to sporting a special Moses Brother's sidearm. Speaking of dog-tags, I'm currently wearing a set of custom Battlestar Galactica dog-tags with my name, rank, callsign and squadron. It's dangerous for me having spending cash in a convention dealer-room. Nerd, thy name is Fraize.

I'm a merchandiser here, which is another way of saying - I find cool crap and put it up for you fine folk to purchase. If you come across anything you think we should offer, drop me a line at, find me on Google Plus, or follow my Twitter at