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e at thinkgeek dot com

My name is E and I'm the ThinkGeek copywriter. Iím hard-pressed to say what flavor of geek I am. Iím the Baskin-Robbins of geekdom. Video games, books, music, computers, sci-fi, role-playing, and random fascination with just about everything. I think undying curiosity is what defines a geek; a geek is never satisfied with what she knows. She wants more, better, deeper. Bring on the knowledge Ė I can never get enough.

I was a bright kid Ė 99th percentile. I ruined the grading curve for everyone else and was proud of it. Much of my childhood involved stalking the Bookmobile. I preferred books to Barbies, Mario to Maybelline. If I could be any Star Trek character, it would be Jadzia Dax. Iíve always been a sucker for freckles (even giant ones that go all the way down!), and sheís got the wisdom of many lifetimes. My ultimate dream is to have my very own holodeck. I mean, have you considered the kind of things you could do with your own holodeck? Astounding.

I suck at most console games, but Iím pretty decent at Wii Bowling and play a mean bass in Rock Band. (Nobody will play Super Mario Wii with me because I'm a liability.) I lost about 3 years of my life to my wood elf bard on EverCrack and another 2 years to a night elf rogue on WoW. I was in high-level raiding guilds on both games Ė not simultaneously, thank goodness! Ė and while I enjoyed the people, I wasnít too keen on all the dying. Rogues and bards die often because nobody cares about keeping us alive. Sad but true.

I started my D&D career as the Drow Scout MaríKessa, exploring the jungles of Xenídrik. Currently Iím playing Mielka Dawnhammer, the Divine Oracle of Moradin and Cyrra, the mysterious Changeling Grave Caller Bard. On Tuesday nights, I†DM an Eberron campaign for a motley crew made up of a warforged, human, half-elf, goliath, kalashtar, and genasi.

Iíve been playing the violin since I was 7 years old and its larger cousin, the viola, since 18. My high school didnít offer orchestra, so I was a choir geek by day, and regional youth orchestra geek on Sundays. For those who think that Band Geek is the ultimate in music geek, I beg to differ. Orch Dorks are much worse. Much, much worse. Iím also a Music Theory Geek Ė which is cool in theory (ha!), but in reality ruins your ability to listen to 90% of the music in the world without wanting to pull out your hair.

I drive a stick and love it. Can someone enlighten me as to why men think that is sexy? Iíd happily blow my entire paycheck at Barnes & Noble or Borders if I had no bills to pay. I still curse Fox for canceling Firefly. Inara is my hero. If I could handle the blood and guts, Iíd be a forensic scientist like Grissom on CSI. Science, I can handle. I am NOT a math geek. Math and I got along just fine until they started adding letters in with the numbers.

At my wonderful alma mater, I was a double major in Music and Creative Writing. When pressed to make a decision between my two passions in life, I could not. Thus, I did both. I spent nearly 7 years in the public education system as an orchestra teacher before coming to ThinkGeek in November of 2009. I'm also the owner and editor-in-chief of Geek's Dream Girl, where I help geeks find love through online dating profile writing and matchmaking. Letís face it, with all the time we spend dusting our collection of Star Wars figures, re-re-re-watching Office Space, preparing for our D&D campaigns, practicing our instruments or our Wii-mote skills, twittering, and generally being 1337, we sometimes need a little help with our social lives. The warm fuzzies I get when a client writes me to let me know their new dating profile has netted them a significant other - bestest feeling ever.

When I applied for the copywriter job at ThinkGeek, instead of writing a cover letter, I designed a product page that featured me as the item for sale. It referenced Princess Bride, Hitchhiker's Guide, xkcd, Star Wars, a few Rules of Acquisition, and a vat of canola oil. †It was titled: "Your copywriting princess isn't in another castle - she's right here." †But shhhhh, I'm not a princess. But I certainly wouldn't mind if you brought me a nice cold mojito...