christian at thinkgeek dot com

I am a poor excuse for a geek.

I use a computer, but can't fix, mod, or hack one to save my life.
My video game consoles are mainly used to play movies.
In the controversial debate over the greater Captain, my write-in vote always goes to Kangaroo.

I've drawn robots, but I've never built one.
I've drawn monkeys, but I've never commanded an army of them.
I've drawn zombies, but I haven't performed a choreographed dance with them led by an undead pop star (yet).

In my defense, though, I've seen and enjoyed many movies and television shows with the word "star" in the title, am uncontrollably drawn to the latest shiniest gizmometer, and am quick with the reminder that one cannot spell "smart-ass" without "smart."

As ThinkGeek's graphic designer, I'm responsible for making the ideas and creations of people far smarter than I am look pretty. The design of the catalogs, t-shirts, custom products and packaging, and most things with the ThinkGeek logo on it are my doing (or my fault, depending on your feelings about it/them).

When away from the Fortress of Geekitude, I enjoy strumming strings and yelling at strangers from the safety of the stage, getting more than my money's-worth from my Netflix account, and emphatically identifying statements that the proverbial "she" has spoken.