brett at thinkgeek dot com

My job is to spread the unique products of Thinkgeek to places they’ve never been before. If I'm successful you may get some free schwag that you may actually want at the next corporate trade show you attend. You know, the one that you’ve been dreading for months.

Or maybe, just maybe your boss will get you something cool for Christmas this year. Aren’t engraved pens and fruit baskets a little played out?


Just imagine how much fun you could have putting the phantom keystroker on the computer of the bitter guy in the corner cube. How much more cool would casual Friday be in the office with a couple of electronic drumkit and personal soundtrack t-shirts floating around? People might get a little more excited about that corporate wellness program if they included lightsaber dueling as an acceptable exercise activity.

Hopefully in the near future, you will see someone wearing our wi-fi tshirt with a company logo on it and think “Wow that must be a really cool company, I should check them out” and then you are going to check them out and buy a lot of their stuff and then you are going to tell them that the only reason you knew about them was because of some crazy shirt.

On a personal level, I have 2 young boys at home. That pretty much sums up my time outside of Thinkgeek. Those of you that have kids know what I mean.

Let me know if you ever need a bunch of our stuff. My baby needs shoes.