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thinkgeek: Because he's the iceberg Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Batberg: http://t.co/pILFS9Wx85 http://t.co/KQ9qNysvr2

thinkgeek: Who's gonna be at San Diego @Comic_Con ? WE ARE! Come visit us at booth # 3849 this weekend: http://t.co/7dKhSbt9GM http://t.co/DxQJTqPlv7

thinkgeek: Just don't touch anything else, *please*. I'm Here Because You Broke Something shirt: http://t.co/GLkkWjV3VC http://t.co/KavDiZQzMy

BLURGH!The ThinkGeek Blog

San Diego, here we come!

San Diego Comic-Con is nigh! Come visit us in between Lightspeed Fine Art and Underground Toys (behind Square Enix). We're in booth # 3849, but check the map first (don't want you good folks falling into any previously-charted wormholes or tears in space or anything). It's our second year with a booth, so be sure to swing by, say "hello" to our Comic-Con Away Team, give us some free shrugs, and take a picture with Timmy! Along with our most popular items, we'll be carrying all our con exclusives as well.

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