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    Chocolate Zombie Bunny

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thinkgeek: Yep, Stormtroopers always miss: http://t.co/KdIOmYdjZw http://t.co/zV0hXmSEPq

thinkgeek: Srs Timmy is srs for a minute: Regarding the recent vulnerability "Heartbleed," our site is not one of the affected: http://t.co/NXwxDYRT69

thinkgeek: 1st-world problems, sure, but do we have to suffer so many? Show everyone how you really feel: http://t.co/x9Fm3kj7mo http://t.co/crxaXwi3hu

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Recent SSL vulnerability news, aka "Heartbleed"

As you may have seen in the news this last week, a previously unknown vulnerability dubbed "heartbleed" has been identified within the SSL architecture that affects many internet sites you visit over HTTPS. The good news is that ThinkGeek.com is not one of the vulnerable sites.

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